Silk Pearce

Ricoh digital printing


We designed a set of four books for Ricoh to demonstrate what can be achieved with five colour digital printing.

Ricoh Hero Covers Wide
Ricoh  Digital  Works  Foil  Silk  Pearce  Loop

The creative books showcase the different techniques achievable when using White, Neon, Clear, or Foil as a fifth colour, and the possibilities when printing on some more challenging creative papers.

Ricoh N Neon
Ricoh Beetles Metalic
Ricoh W White
Ricoh Elements Neon
Ricoh Le Mans Metalic Grey

The project involved sourcing 48 images from celebrated photographers and illustrators, to convey the mix of different techniques attainable in an exciting and inspiring way. It was a complex project that required in depth printing knowledge.

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Ricoh Wolf White