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Mahogany Opera

Mahogany Opera creates boundary pushing work for the here and now, while developing artists and audiences for the future.

Mahogany Opera Hero
Mahogany Opera brochure for The Mother in black red and ivory

Our new brand for the organisation uses the initial letters M and O reduced to two triangles and a circle. The device may be deconstructed, built in 3D, or otherwise played with, and will always remain Mahogany Opera.

Work here shows a poster and programme for the world premiere of The Mother, by Laurence Osborn & Theo Merz, plus a programme detail from 'Snappy Operas', a project where 1,500 school children from all over the UK work with professional composers and librettists to create and perform ten-minute works.

Mahogany Opera blue brochure for The Big History of Little England
Mahogany Opera black and ivory tote bag