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Snape Maltings

Snape Maltings is a new brand for a new organisation, unifying the arts and retail operations that have co-existed on the site for more than 50 years. The new Snape Maltings is one of the world’s leading centres of music and a visitor destination of outstanding natural beauty.

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Silk Pearce created the unified identity, strengthening the relationship between the once-separate operations and establishing the new brand.

The design, inspired by the reeds that surround the site, is based on a pattern of hand-cut paper strips which create the letters ‘SNAPE MALTINGS’. The irregular pattern forms the unique shape of each letter.

The pattern is used as a device on its website, packaging, brochures and flyers. It also inspired a bespoke typeface for use on posters. The palette of core colours - a green, red, grey and blue - is reminiscent of the reeds, bricks, slate and sky of the buildings and landscape.

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“Silk Pearce created a dynamic new brand that reflects the innovation at our creative campus, our stunning rural location and the magic of the site. It has filled staff, stakeholders and customers with excitement and inspiration.”

Shoël Stadlen
Head of Communications
Snape Maltings

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Silk Pearce has also designed Snape Malting's seasonal brochures for almost 20 years. And in light of the new branding revisited our approach to the imagery used to illustrate them. Our new concept resulted in commissioning Lucinda Rogers as the inaugural Snape Maltings 'illustrator-in-residence'. Lucinda has produced a series of original drawings of familiar and hidden scenes of Snape and beyond for all their 2018 seasonal brochures.

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