Fertile ground for creativity

London Sperm Bank and London Women’s Clinic

Silk Pearce helped bring clarity to the London Sperm Bank brand, starting with the logo. The direct approach of the logo reflects the organisation’s forward-thinking, and has helped it to become the UKs largest sperm bank.

London Sperm Bank Hero
London Womens Clinic Logo

We used the sperm and egg formed by the letter O and the apostrophe to give meaning to the ambiguous name of The London Women's Clinic. It has become a familiar mark as the company has expanded beyond London to become a major fertility group nationwide.

Images show the London Sperm Bank calendar, a broadsheet cover featuring for the Fertility Fair campaign logo, and a celebratory book for the achievements of the Wales and the South West clinics.

London Sperm Bank Calandar
London Womens Clinic Fertility Fair
London Womens Clinic 25 Years Cover
London Womens Clinic 25 Years Spread