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Goldlay Square

Goldlay Square in Chelmsford is the first site developed by Essex Housing (part of Essex County Council). The development, a former library headquarters, consists of 32 residential units. With expertise within this sector, Silk Pearce was tasked to bring the project to market.

Goldlay Square Brochure Hero
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With a nod to the site's former use, we used traditional letterpress printer's marks to create the branding. Contrasting tradition with bold typography and imagery, combined with our expertise in print, made the marketing material stand out and Goldlay Square has proved a great success.

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Goldlay Square Brochure Closeup
Goldlay Square Mob

The branding continued on screen with a website designed and built in-house. It also made its way onto keyrings for property owners and was used across the site in the form of parking signs and apartment numbers.

Photography JMA Photography
CB Design

Goldlay Square Keyring Angle
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