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Dingbats Notebooks

Dingbats Notebooks produce a range of high-quality, eco-friendly notebooks. Silk Pearce has been instrumental in the product design of its three, popular, notebook ranges - Dingbats Pocket, Wildlife and Earth.

Branding Print
Dingbats Hero
Dingbats Wildlife Red Cover

Dingbats Pocket is based on printers ornaments used in typesetting - otherwise know as Dingbats. The designs are foil-blocked on uncoated coloured paper. The Wildlife collection, consisting of six animal designs, uses a single element within a debossed monogram.

More Dingbats Logo
Dingbats Earth Wide
Dingbats Inside Detail
Dingbats Earth Detail
Dingbats Earth Icons

The latest collection, Dingbats Earth, is 100% recyclable and vegan-friendly. The designs highlight three parks that are helping to protect our fragile eco-systems - the Serengeti National Park, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Yasuni National Park. We created the design and colour concepts for the notebooks and researched and wrote the content for the infographics, detailing each locations flora and fauna.