Playing with card

Playing with card

23 June 2014 |
Posted in Illustration | Print

Our latest series of brochure designs for paper manufacturer, Favini, have just launched. Each brochure illustrates the beauty of printing on Favini’s high-end range of papers showing the quality of printing on different textures.


Ace designers We took the familiarity of the standard playing card - with pips, suits and faces - and chose our favourite selections of alternative designs. Our selected compilation shows how designers and artists have been given freedom to decorate or subvert the standard design without impeding their use as a playing card.


The brochure illustrates The Tube’s suitability for screen and foil blocking and has been completed with a beautiful end paper in the style of the reverse of a playing card.

Double take Dolce Vita is designed for high definition printing and the latest brochure is based on the theme ‘double-take’. We asked ourselves how far could we take this concept of seeing a set table as a giant wristwatch or a pair of spectacles as a road bike. Did you look again?


Fashion twist with Manuel Rebollo Twist is an ideal creative paper for packaging, fashion and retail opportunities. While flicking through fashion blogs we were inspired by the work of Spanish illustrator, Manuel Rebollo, whose graphic style and use of hand lettering stood out from the rest.

Manuel’s illustrations feature throughout the brochure and use bold blocks of colour set against unprinted areas – perfectly complementing the unique texture of Twist.


Love print. Love paper Find out more about our work for Favini.