Merry QuizMats

Merry QuizMats

11 December 2018 |
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“Our Christmas card concept plays on words by adding a twist to the ‘Merry Christmas’ greeting”

We like to be playful with our Christmas card designs. This year we’re following on from our successful Happy Xmats cards, with a set of 12 Merry Quizmats. The concept is based on creating 12 beer mats with a question mark on the front and a Christmas teaser on the reverse. The mats are accompanied by a Merry Quizmats card and are presented in a pre-folded wrap to keep everything secure.

The 12 question marks reflect a mixture of decorative, plan, serif, san serif, contemporary and traditional fonts. They are printed in green, gold or black and then encased with the greetings card in a green wrap. The card and wrap are made with Favini’s Prisma, Ivory in 300gsm, and Majestic Gardeners Green 250gsm.

The novel Quizmats and accompanying cards have all been custom printed and foil blocked by letterpress craftsman, Justin Knopp, at Typoretum.

Justin explains, “The beer mats and greeting cards were printed and die-cut on a hand-fed 1963 Swiss-made Gietz platen press, with some of the printing and hot foil stamping completed on a 1965 Heidelberg platen press, with a foil conversion unit.”

Although the job in itself was not unusual for Typoretum, Justin found it particularly rewarding, “We made every component of the finished product – the set of 12 coasters, plus the 4-page insert card and outer wrap that had to be carefully creased to encapsulate everything neatly.”

Quiz mats being printed and collated

Discover the font behind each question mark:


Braggadocio by Monotype designed by W. A. Woolley


Cg Barclay designed by Robin Nicholas


Chevalier Open designed by E A Neukomm


Decorated 035 designed by Eugen Lenz and Max Lenz


Dusty Circus designed by Nathan Williams


Gothic Outline Title designed by American Type Founders


Peristyle Stencil designed by Hoefler and Co


Princetown designed by Dick Jones


Obsidian designed by Hoefler & Co


Rosewood designed by Kim Buker Chansler, Carol Twombly and Carl Crossgrove


Umbra URW designed by Robert Hunter Middleton

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