Meeting our Waterloo

Meeting our Waterloo

18 June 2015 |
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Launched today, we’re delighted to see our stamps that commemorate the bicentary of The Battle of Waterloo.

We worked with Royal Mail to design the set of six stamps reproducing the 19th century paintings that depict key events and exchanges of the Battle.

The stamp designs illustrate the energy of the battle in action, while highlighting the different roles and perspectives of British, French and Prussian troops.

Three of the paintings are by English painter Denis Dighton, two by German artist Adolph Northen and one by Sir William Allan.


The stamps are produced in Royal Mail’s widest landscape format to show the wide-angle view of the paintings to optimum effect.

We’ve also designed a number of collectors’ products, including an illustrated stamp presentation pack, a first day cover – that appears like of a surviving document from the period – and two special postmarks.