Into orbit: the Blue Abyss project

Into orbit: the Blue Abyss project

7 September 2016 |
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“The design will attract investors and appeal to future clients, while presenting information clearly to members of the public”

A ground-breaking project that has the potential to change the face of science and research is destined for a six-acre location on the grounds of the University of Essex. Blue Abyss is set to become a commercial deep sea and space simulation facility like no other.

Blue Abyss centres around the world’s largest and deepest multi-level pool. It will reach depths of 50 metres – beyond recreational ‘deep dive’ limits – to provide unrivalled diving opportunities for commercial needs, recreation and even film.

Its deep-sea conditions will also provide state-of-the-art space flight simulation. The facility will offer neutral buoyancy training, a hypobaric chamber and microgravity suite, along with parabolic (reduced gravity) flights and centrifuge training. Complete with a hotel, lecture theatre and classrooms, Blue Abyss could become an international hub for research, education and tourism and, perhaps most impressively, astronaut training.

Branding an epic enterprise

While the Blue Abyss management team finalises the centre’s design, the organisation is building its brand to reflect the sheer scale of the project. The team asked Silk Pearce to develop the Blue Abyss identity and revise its logo to one that’s simpler and more focused. We introduced a set of illustrative icons to represent the services that Blue Abyss offers and a flying fish motif to represent sea and sky as referred to in the organisation’s strapline, ‘Fly High, Dive Deep’.


The new branding for Blue Abyss includes the logo above and flying fish mascot below


The design requirements for Blue Abyss are continuously evolving as plans for the facility take shape. Silk Pearce has created brochures, letterheads, email signatures, presentation templates, e-newsletters and other branded items that work especially hard to bring the Blue Abyss identity in line with the prominence it deserves.


Ian Coote, senior designer, Silk Pearce, says, “Our website design has transformed the site into one that’s more navigable and presents information in a way that’s easier to absorb. The design will attract investors and appeal to future clients, while presenting information clearly to members of the public.”

Silk Pearce has worked with many new and growing businesses, helping ease their transition into larger, more prominent organisations. This experience has proven invaluable in our development of designs for Blue Abyss, which are not only relevant in the project’s early stages, but will continue to work hard as this exciting venture gathers momentum.

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