Designing a website for an independent hotel

Designing a website for an independent hotel

4 January 2014 |
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Design for business is so much more than creating successful visual imagery – it has to reach clients and encourage them to respond. Here we describe our approach to the design and strategy behind the website for an independent hotel – The Wentworth in Aldeburgh, Suffolk.


The signature on the home page from the hotel proprietor Michael Pritt, helps to promote its independence and set it apart from the crowd

The changing slideshow on the homepage has a dual purpose. The revolving images help to capture the viewer’s interest, while the pictures depict the hotel’s coastal location and fine interiors and gardens.


Fine attention to detail is given to the interior finish of the hotel - using beautiful wallpapers and fabrics

And the customer…
Gaining a clear idea of the target market helped to define the marketing strategy in terms of design and content. We found the customer profile was split into ‘outgoing fun lovers’ and ‘astute cosmopolitans’.


Mood boards helped us to represent the target market and determine appropriate colour use and photography

Colour palette Our understanding of colour and the subliminal effect it has on emotions helped us in selecting the colour palette. For The Wentworth, we developed a palette defined by the style of the hotel – a sophisticated choice of subtle tones, inspired by the interior furnishings and pastel tones - reminiscent of Aldeburgh’s picturesque High Street.


Creating a mood with words We took an engaging tone with the copy, using keywords to describe the atmosphere of The Wentworth, in a manner to appeal to the target audience.

A warm and welcoming coastal retreat with fabulous sea views

Experience the ultimate in comfort, style and personal service

Eat well. Enjoy locally sourced, fresh and seasonal food

The new tagline for the hotel encapsulates the style of the hotel and its location


Careful photo editing helps to bring the website alive. A mix of different shaped shots adds interest, while cropped images highlight details. It was important to depict every aspect of the hotel and the surrounding area. Selling the hotel and the location.


The use of colour blocks at the bottom of each page, helps to bring the eye down to the newsletter signup – an important sales tool for The Wentworth

The little things Wood block illustrations help to add a different visual interest to the pages and draw the user’s eye to the bottom of the page, with the newsletter signup call to action.

Encouraging response Calls to action on every page make it easy for the viewer to find out more details, sign up for the newsletter or make a booking.

Ease of use The visual design of a website may look beautiful, but the design falls down if the user doesn’t know where to click. Structuring the navigation with clear pathways helps the user find their way around and encourages them to stay on the site for longer.

Dynamic change To enable seasonal menus and offers to be updated on the site, we installed a content management system. This allows the hotel to make timely updates that reflect the hotels changing offers.


A content management system enables the site to be updated easily so it is always current.

For your very own taster, why not take a look for yourself - view the website.