Cambridge Cognition's rebrand makes sense

Cambridge Cognition's rebrand makes sense

5 August 2014 |
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Our rebrand for Cambridge Cognition – a cognitive assessment software company – has helped define its product range, raise its profile and add strength to its market position.


The new branding includes a website, e-newsletter, literature, graphics and building signage New focus We took a friendly, customer-focused approach to the rebrand to express that Cambridge Cognition is easy to do business with. The overall look is less clinical and more integrated with a human focus.

Brand prominence As a company with an international presence, Cambridge Cognition recognised that ‘Cantab’ – the name behind the technology that powers its products – has a higher profile in the industry than its own name. It made sense to add prominence to this well-established name.


For the first time, Cantab has its own identity, the dots emphasis the visual and processing element of the non-language cognitive tests that are aimed at people with neurological problems


The identity for Cambridge Cognition uses the no-nonsense font, Gotham, giving a clean look to the typographical design. The use of grey balances with the vibrant tones used in the Cantab identity

Defining the business With three sectors to the business, each with a specific product, the rebrand focused on giving clarity to the company’s offer.

  • Cantab Mobile for healthcare providers - leading medical software allowing doctors to detect the earliest signs of memory problems, the non-lanuguage, touchscreen tests are completed on a tablet.
  • Cantab Research Suite for academics - tests to assess cognitive function and to aid research, several tests can be combined to form a battery to focus on a specific area such as ADHD or Alzheimers.
  • Cantab Solutions for pharmaceutical companies - for use in clinical trials to identify positive and negative cognitive effects of investigational or marketed products.

The technology - ‘Cantab’ - has been introduced within the name of each product to add consistency to the branding and give prominence to the internationally recognised brand.

Colour We took inspiration from the bold colours used in the touchscreen tests and based the palette on a sophisticated mix of striking colours.


A specific colour has been used within all the designs to represent each business sector - blue, green and orange. This has particular relevance when used within the website as it helps to distinguish the sectors and aids navigation.

Illustration Paul Wearing's bold illustrations are used throughout the rebrand. His style encapsulates the concept of thought processes that we wanted to achieve.


Paul Wearing’s bold graphic style adds impact to the print and digital designs

Making sense The new tagline - ‘Makes sense’ – conveys the message that the products are intuitive and simple to use, whilst highlighting the company’s expertise in helping to understand cognition.

In the news Cambridge Cognition has three different newsletter templates to target each of its three core business sectors.


The Cantab Mobile e-newsletter informs healthcare providers of developments in areas such as dementia

Website Bold colour helps to add definition to the three business sectors and products, also helping to direct the user. Navigation and the content structure has been carefully planned to aid usability.


Cantab Research Suite is aimed at businesses conducting academic studies Posters The lively posters designed for Cambridge Cognition’s office reinforce the new identity with employees, while giving the opportunity to enjoy art in the office. The series of posters are based on the words - control, creativity, funny, humour, pride, responsibility and urgency.


At Silk Pearce we like to think outside the box

Notebook The dots feature on the cover of the notebook, while the end paper depicts the illustrative theme used throughout the rebrand.

Brochure Literature gives details of the individual test batteries available for each business sector. Cantab Solutions – used for clinical trials – is designed using orange from the new corporate colour palette.

The new identity at Cambridge Cognition's head office


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