Being bold with illustration

Being bold with illustration

2 April 2019 |
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“The collaboration forms part of our design concept to select an ‘illustrator in residence’ for Snape Maltings”

We’ve designed the latest brochure for the Aldeburgh Festival, held in June at Snape Maltings in Suffolk. The illustrative design forms part of our ongoing design concept for the annual brochures, which is based on an ‘illustrator in residence’ producing a series of drawings.

The idea for an ‘illustrator in residence’ came about last year following a brand refresh, to unite the arts and retail brands at the Snape Maltings site, and Lucinda Rogers took the place as inaugural artist. Moving on a year, and with the new identity firmly established with both of our client’s core markets, we invited Brian Grimwood to take part.

Open brochure for Aldeburgh Festival showing swirling illustration in pink red and black

Having worked with Brian Grimwood on previous projects, we knew that his abstract style and his use of colour would sit well with the seasonal brochure designs. And as founder of the Central Illustration Agency, we were delighted to have him on board.

We gave Brian a brief to create a suite of illustrations for both the Aldeburgh Festival brochure and the Snape Proms brochure, that reflect the relationship between the music and the local landscape, creating atmosphere and a sense of place through the visuals. The suite of eight illustrations form an expression of movement and energy and are linked together with the use of vibrant colours and a strong use of black throughout.

The cover illustration features the unique Reed font which we created as part of our client’s new identity in 2016. When coupled with Brian Grimwood’s abstract illustrations, it’s one of the boldest applications of the new brand yet.

Aldeburgh festival 2019 image 2 cover

Is it a bird? Is it a leaf? Brian’s style has been compared to Matisse with his use of abstract shapes. “It’s thought provoking art,” explains Rob Steer, creative head at Silk Pearce, “You can take from it whatever you like – it can be seen just like some of the festival performances that challenge the mind.”

Abstract illustrated figures in black red and yellow with a blue background

Snape Maltings is one of the world’s leading centres of music and a visitor destination of outstanding natural beauty, part of the brief was to represent music and a sense place within the images.

Abstract shapes in blue teal black and purple on a mauve background

The illustrations work equally well on the website with the cover image being used on the banner and further illustrations dropped in as placeholder images.

Website homepage for Aldeburgh Festival

Keep an eye out for the Aldeburgh Festival brochure coming out in April, with Brian’s illustrations celebrating a musical summer by the sea.