A new school of thought

A new school of thought

5 October 2016 |
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“The high-quality finish took patience to design but it looks and feels different and that’s what matters”

Education Development Trust changes the lives of young people the world over. It’s vital that its brand reflects this inspirational work, casts aside corporate mundanity and shows the true value of what the trust achieves each day. Silk Pearce is part of this process.

Education Development Trust works with governments and schools worldwide to shape education systems and give children a brighter future.

Formerly Centre for British Teachers (CfBT), the organisation underwent a name change to Education Development Trust in January 2016. The trust drew on a long-standing relationship with Silk Pearce, calling on us to enhance and bring consistency to its identity and to help the new brand reach its full potential.


Keeping an open mind

Our work focused on creating a coherent style by reimaging and extending the brand logo, creating a distinctive colour palette and developing a recognisable illustration style. The look we created for Education Development Trust is evident across all the organisation’s published materials, which include heavyweight research reports, brochures, exhibitions and displays.

Education Development Trust’s corporate brochure, for example, is presented in the form of a small book. It uses eye-catching photographs of the trust’s activities in many countries, combined with clear infographics and key facts to give a real sense of the organisation. Rob Steer, Creative Director at Silk Pearce, says, “The high-quality finish took patience to design but it looks and feels different and that’s what matters.”


Written materials to wall art

The success of our visual approach is also evident in Education Development Trust’s offices, where the new working spaces are punctuated by murals, posters and the colours specified in the rebrand.

Our work extends across the trust’s different programmes - such as the Schools Partnership Programme - which now align with the new Education Development Trust brand and style. Rob says, “We adjust the designs according to the tone of voice and the subject matter, but ultimately, the branding across the entire organisation is fresh and coherent.”

Carol Davies, Head of Marketing and Communications, Education Development Trust, says, “The thoughtful approach of Silk Pearce designers sets them apart. The work they’ve done at a critical time in our rebranding process has given Education Development Trust a hugely improved look and feel, helping to bring out the personality and professionalism of the organisation and greatly improve the quality and resonance of our materials.”

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