Strategic redesign to a brand and website

Strategic redesign to a brand and website

30 January 2019 |
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“With an upturn in the success of egg freezing, our objective was to redesign the LEB's website and create two distinct audiences”

Silk Pearce designed the original brand identity and website for the UK’s first egg bank, back in 2013. Six years on, we’ve given the London Egg Bank’s brand and website a refresh to align with the company’s current marketing goals and changing digital trends.

The original site primarily focused on egg donation, with some information on egg freezing. With scientific advances and six years of experience with customers, data is now available that identifies egg donors and egg freezers as two distinct target markets. This knowledge has been the foundation behind the strategy for the website refresh.

Young smiling woman running by beach huts with text Take Control

Changing market

Egg freezing has become a viable option for more women, with significant improvements in success rates due to new vitrification freezing methods. Last year the LEB had its highest recorded egg survival rate of 96%, with this figure matching the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority’s statistics on increased success rates. Now the chance of having a healthy and successful pregnancy using a fresh or frozen embryo is almost the same.

With an upturn in the success of egg freezing, our objective was to redesign the LEB's website and create two distinct audiences – those who donate their eggs for others and those who freeze their own eggs for the future.

Illustrated graphic stating 96% egg survival rate

Creating distinction with imagery

Imagery is used within the website to create a clear distinction between the two sectors, with the addition of handwritten phrases, ‘Be amazing’ and ‘Take control’. Both feature on the home page and send a message to each of the two target audiences. ‘Be amazing’ and donate, and ‘Take control’ of your future fertility. This concept has been developed from the original branding that included handwritten inspirational captions by illustrator, Sarah Coleman, with accompanying illustrations.

Further additions have been made to include additional heart and star embellishments, using graphic flourishes, which sit alongside current social media trends and appeal to the target market.

Ilustrated flourishes of stars and hearts in soft colours

Egg donors are characterised as being outgoing, with youthful images about sisterhood, helping each other out, creating solidarity, with a touch of rebelliousness. For egg freezers, it’s about being independent and taking control of your future.

We’ve made a move away from the previous images of couples and women that were placed on a plain backdrop, to independent women with a background story within the image. This helps the audience to see the target woman more clearly with extra information about her lifestyle.

Trendy women with a bike holding a takeaway coffee in a city street

Mix it up

Our design was influenced by our research that looked at how other brands target the same audience. We recognised that a mix of fonts and colour combinations was the right direction to take the design, with handwritten lettering, combined with a mix of serif and sans serif fonts. Colour was also a main consideration. The orange and green tones of the previous colour palette have been updated with magenta, which now takes centre stage as the main accent colour. Orange is now being used as one of the secondary colours, making a bold colour contrast with the magenta.

Freeze section on London Egg Bank's website showing drop down menu

Taking action

The previous website design placed more emphasis on finding information, whereas, the new design promotes action. These stronger calls to action, ‘Donate’ and ‘Freeze’, are emboldened in the menu bar, aiding ease of navigation and increasing engagement. While the important information is accessible through clear navigation.

Social engagement

The LEB meets the majority of its potential egg donors through events and social media engagement and spends the majority of its advertising budget on social media. A key aspect, considering 80% of visits are from mobile users. The social media generation is depicted within the choice of imagery and the use of the hashtag #eggdonation placed on the home page.

Image of mobile phone showing Events on London Egg Bank website

Making the complex simple

The design and content development of the website has considered the complexity of information needed to inform potential egg donors and egg freezers of the processes involved. A clear structure, with clarity has enabled the wealth of information to be easily accessed under appropriate headings, with the content written in a clear and succinct format, avoiding impenetrable and overwhelming medical speak.

Screenshot of Freeze page on London Egg Bank website

At Silk Pearce we pride ourselves on offering a full design and website service, and this project is no different, combining our team’s branding, design and copy skills. Have you got a design project that you need help with? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.